"How It Works"

Book Anytime, Anywhere 24 / 7

Booking Widget is an effective on line booking tool for your service business. You can setup your locations, staff, service offerings, prices etc., giving your customers a real time online view of your services (classes, courses, appointments etc…) and booking availability.

One System For All Bookings
It is one system to record and manage real time, all on and offline bookings. You can continue to use the system to take offline bookings, whether face to face, by phone or by email. Your staff will use the system calendars to view and confirm booking availabilities in response to offline enquiries, which will be processed just like online requests.

Booking On Your Website
Our booking system integrates seamlessly with your website, Facebook page or blog (such as Wordpress), so that your customers can view and book online 24/7 through a PC, mobile, tablet or any online device, all without leaving your website.

No more missed calls, missed opportunities or time spent sending emails back and forth. Customers simply browse, select and book available time slots they want, and their bookings/requests will be immediately sent to you.

Book Through Your Website

Setting up your booking system and adding to your website, Facebook page or blog is as easy as 123!. You do not have to be a developer or a web designer to introduce your services online.

Services Online
Simply create the services, staff, locations and working hours that make up your business using our completely flexible booking management system.

Customise Colours To Match Your Website
Fully customise the colours, fonts and images to integrate seamlessly with the design of your website and your business brand.

Simple Copy & Paste Code
A range of widgets and book now buttons, give you the ability to present and market you services to your customers in the way you choose. Once you are ready, copy and paste your widget code into any web page, where customers can use it to review, book and pay online directly through your website.

No Website, Use Our Simple Editor To Create Your Own
If you do not have a website then don't panic! We provide the capability for you to build a website and market your services online in an easy and quick way. Our website setup tools mean no coding, no technical skill required. You have the option to add pictures, graphics, colours, words, fonts and your online booking widget and be proud of the website you have now created and own. If you need a domain name we can help you acquire one.

Booking Management

Manage Multiple Staff Calendars
Each staff member gets their own calendar stored in the system, where they can manage their bookings and schedule their working patterns daily, weekly or monthly. All staff calendars are stored securely in one place making booking and staff management quick and easy.

The staff calendars give you complete flexibility to review and manage bookings, as well as present the time you are available. Your customers will always know when you are available and when they can book.

Hassle Free Organisation & Planning
Our system takes away the hassle and admin overhead when taking and organising bookings and communicating with customers. Whether they are bookings online, over the phone or face to face, or whether you are on the move (PC, mobile, tablet).

Daily Booking Management
Booking management can be as automated or as controlled as your business requires(automate where required, without losing control and personal contact with your customers).

Change & Cancel Bookings With Ease
Staff have the ability to confirm, change, reschedule and cancel bookings wherever this is required and much more... Complete flexibility to edit all areas of a booking (e.g. time changes and extensions, prices, customer information….)

Simply apply any number of different services to your staff. This will feed into their calendars with no risk of service overlaps and any double booking.

Keeping Customers Informed
Booking communications via email & text means that customers and staff are always aware of appointments, whether it is just simple booking confirmations, reminders and cancellations to customers & staff or next day booking summary reports.

Calendar synchronisation
Real time bookings that are updated into your staff calendar on our system, can be synchronised automatically with 3rd Party personal calendars, available in the market place (e.g. Google, iCal, iPhone, Android, or Outlook).

Each staff member can automatically synchronise with any or all of these calendars and import their complete booking schedule, cancellations and any changes automatically.


Emails and texts can be enabled easily and quickly on the system to send secure and automated booking related information to staff and customers, and reduce the need for time consuming correspondence.

Fully Customisable Emails & Texts
Text and emails come pre-setup; they can be enabled and customised fully to suit your services, branding, booking details, website and location, together with any further information you wish to share internally and with your customers.

Automate email and text communications to match the booking information scenarios you wish to share (E.g. booking confirmations, cancellations, changes, reminders, payment requirements...).

Reduce No Shows & Improve Customer Service
Allow our communication facility to reduce admin overheads, no-shows and improve customer service and staff awareness. Use communications to inform consistently and for reminders, so that bookings always go to plan.

Payment & Deposits

We have partnered with popular payment providers including PayPal , Worldpay and Sage, so that you can start taking online card payments immediately.

Take Payments & Deposits
You have the option to take and collect payments and deposits for online bookings from your customers.Take full payments and deposits, and control when, how and at what stage of the booking process you require your customers to pay.

Take away the administrative overhead of chasing payments and reduce the number of no shows by taking deposits.

Record Online & Offline Bookings
Booking Widget sales ledger records all online payments taken against bookings and additionally gives you the optional facility to upload payments taken from face to face, email and over the phone bookings for a full sales ledger. Otherwise work with us to export online payments to a desired location or system.

Management Tools

Staff on the system get their own securely stored calendar, where they can manage their bookings and schedule their working patterns daily, weekly or monthly. Simply apply any number of different services to your staff. This will feed into their calendars with no risk of service overlaps.

All Your Services Stored Under 1 System
Central store of all services you choose to present for online booking entered by your customers. Create 121 and group services,appointments, classes, courses or events. Run them in any way according to your business needs.

Unique Customer Records
All customer bookings taken on line, face to face, by email or over the phone will be stored by personal customer identifiers (booking history, contact details, notes...). This information is automatically stored in your own customer database providing you with customer management information. Bookings received online require external email and password authentication as part of the booking requirement.

Securely Stored Customer Payment Information
Booking Widget sales ledger records all online payments taken against bookings and additionally gives you the optional facility to upload payments taken from face to face and over the phone bookings, for a full sales ledger. Otherwise work with us to export online payments to a desired location or system.

Customer Booking Analytics
Use our reporting tools to extract management information, within the system. Generate reports to screen and many exportable file formats, you can contact us for customisable reporting requirements.

Cloud Storage Area
File Manager: All of the images, photos and any bespoke files that you store with us on your account, can be managed by you through your "File Manager". These files along with your entire system account are stored securely in our cloud solution that is replicated and backed up regularly.

Mobiles & Tablets

The Booking Widget admin system, staff calendars and all management areas are compatible with all modern mobile, smartphones, tablets and computing devices.

Manage Bookings On The Move
If your staff are mobile workers, on the move, or outside of core working hours, then it is still quick and easy to manage their work schedules, review bookings and contact customers.

Customers Can Book Anywhere
Customers can book on the move. Our widgets and book now buttons work with all browser types and mobile devices.

Widen Your Potential Customer Base
Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 & 2013 to 53%*
*Source: Office For National Statistics Internet Access - Household & Individuals 2013

Mini Website

If you do not have a website then don't panic. We provide the capability for you to create a website, present your services and take bookings online in minutes. You do not need to be a web designer or technician, or know how to write code in order to produce a stylish, customised website with clever built in features (e.g. Google maps, Facebook integration, contact point...) We have done this for you.

Customise With Your Own Brand & Colours
Simply select and build the pages you wish to add into your site, then customise and present your business by incorporating your own style and brand with pictures, graphics, colours, words, fonts, videos, links…

Bespoke Requirements & Domain Registration

Please contact us for any further assistance, bespoke requirements and domain name registration.

Setup, Integration & Support

Initial set up
When you click on a package, you will be taken through the set up process which collects core requirements in a logical order (business locations, staff, working hours, 121 and group services). All processes are user friendly and require no systems technical experience, just a knowledge of your own business.

Home page
After set up, you are then taken to your home page, which you will always see on each log in. This page allows you to edit any set up information at any time, as well as choosing a number of optional facilities (taking payments, email & text communications, customising features and various booking options). You will also use this page to access various management tools and to preview how your booking widget will look to your customer.

Embedding in your website
The final steps of embedding your booking system in your website and Facebook are covered fully by our information supported processes. Most website toolkits give options to paste in widgets like ours.

We have a ‘Contact us’ facility for anyone visiting the website who would like assistance.
System setup support is provided via information boxes and knowledge base docs. Personal support is provided by email, phone and remote connection, where required.

Security and Resilience

Your Booking Widget management system sits within a secure https environment with 256Bit encryption (latest and highest encryption levels). ‘The widgets’ and ‘book now’ buttons also have the capability to be secure and non-secure, allowing you to select based on requirements.

Http v’s Https
Http is a 'HyperText Transfer Protocol'. It delivers information in an organised manner to a computer/website as a designer intended (e.g. Widgets to your website), and knows what to do when your customers click within.

Though not as secure as https, it is fast and suitable for any business that does not have need for additional security requirements (can sit on http:// websites/online environments).

Https is a more secure form of http and uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to move data that differentiates one sender and receiver from another and also encrypts the data.

The additional security steps means it is not as fast as http; however it is suitable for any business that wants the added security (can sit on http:// and is essential for https:// websites/online environments and for putting Widgets on Facebook).

Infrastructure Resilience
Your Booking Widget infrastructure sits on multiple cloud servers, provided by the market leading enterprise level cloud hosting company. This mitigates any single point of failure for the servers and databases that support your business.