About Us

About Booking Widget Limited

BookingWidget provides an online realtime booking management system for business. We aim fundamentally to support the SME market from sole trader to larger businesses, particularly those that have yet to exploit the significant business opportunities available from a web based, on line booking system.

Our Business Goals

We have a total focus on our clients and their customer needs. Our goal is to help clients understand and hopefully adopt our simple, secure and affordable web based service which will enable them to extend their customer access channels to incorporate an online booking and contact service. This is the channel of choice for a significant growing number of customers.

Back Office Management

It will enhance client management control of their customer facing and back office functions in a single solution (no software, no hardware, no worries) and free up precious resources to focus on customers and business growth.

Enabling Entry To Online Bookings

We also recognise that many sole traders and some small businesses have not yet adopted web sites, which can be a relatively expensive and time consuming process. We have added an optional facility for such businesses to be provided with an effective website and your own domain name. In keeping with our focus on client needs, this will allow an affordable entry into the online business world.

Our operating philosophy is to provide a value adding service to our clients. We look to develop a relationship with our clients in our basic support and response to specific business needs, particularly where size and complexity may require help. Our belief is that our product is so well structured and explained, that set up and maintenance will be routine, but we recognise that clients may feel the need for support which is available on request.

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